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Every year Mad Myrna's hosts the Fetish Ball. It's a fund raiser for the Four A's. They are the group in town that provides support and assistance to people who are finding that they are diagnosed with HIV /AIDS.

It was last night people.
This is a good cause.
Funky and I were there. So were a number of other Tribesters.
Where were you if you weren't there?

Besides, it's a great show and a hell of a lot of fun.

Where else can you win a par of black leather chaps donated to the auction by Alaska Leather for $80 or an inexpensive riding crop for $85?

Or see the fashion show put on by The Look and the hot girls wearing next to nothing? A quarter of the audience was like that too.

This year's show wsa much much better than last year's show and there was still room for more people.

Watch for next year. See you there.
  • where do we go if we dont have a fetish? Can we pick one up someplace? Nothing to odd, please.
    • Everyone has a fetish.
      • i dont think half of the people that go have "fetishes".. most people go to look and see what is going to be worn and modeled. A bit of a peep show.

        I personally love to dress up.

        so this is my favorite night all year long... i can get away with dressing up as crazy as i wanna be

        now if we can just find someone who got a picture of us, we can post it... somewhere a little more private though.

        someone asked me, "where is your cape?? you look like a superhero."

        lol, a superhero

        what a gasser
  • It was a good event, definitely better than last year. There were some VERY hot people in VERY hot outfits, including my very favorite, the talented and beautiful Ms. P. Fetish Ball is really an erotic fantasyland, but it's not for the non-very-open-minded. You'd have to be pretty kink-comfortable. For example, there was a very hard-core piercing demo, plus some stuff beyond that.

    For those of you who wanted to go but missed it, it's held every March or April at Mad Myrnas (watch their website), and was also advertised in both the Anchorage Press and even in the Daily News.

    I'd like to see the pics too, so if anyone has access, please let me know.

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