backyard thievery

topic posted Sun, September 3, 2006 - 5:18 PM by  mcav0y
In the last 18 hours, someone/thing has entered my backyard, ate all my sweetpea plants, left deep moose prints in my garden, chomped on some hanging baskets, and rolled off with my gas grill.

I am no Perry Mason, but I am thinking that either the prints left were a decoy, or there were two criminals here today.
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  • Either that, or the local City Moose are planning a Labor Day BBQ...I wonder what they're grilling? And where?

    Sweetpea stalks out in Kincaid I'd venture...
  • Unsu...
    first your bike, now your grill - you need to move out of the ghetto girlfriend
    • Spenard is colorful ... it's more fun than east side.
      • I've been hearing about how great Spenard is, but I'm kinda nervous about looking for a place over there still.. So stuck in my east side comfort bubble!!
        • I grew up on east side ... spent nearly 20 years east of boniface and west of Muldoon. Spenard is older and filled with interesting folks. Also, it is so much easier to get everywhere from here (except East side because it is just as hard to get into Eastside as it is to get out).
  • update:

    I found out that my grill was "taken" by the friend who had given it to me before she left for a year long trip. She has returned in the last week. Was a little upset that she didn't ask, plan to come over, call, leave a note, etc.
    But, I am still waiting for the moose to apologize.
    • Re: update:

      phew. now i feel better. it was rather rude, though. a note is preferred, should you come to take things you lent to me.

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